Нож Spartan Blades Enyo Dark Earth ― Интернет-магазин уникальных ножей и мечей
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Нож Spartan Blades Enyo Dark Earth

Цена: 15600.00 руб.
На складе: да
Длина лезвия ножа (мм) 69
Общая длина ножа (мм) 157
Толщина клинка (мм) 3.8
Материал клинка сталь S30V
Покрытие клинка Brown
Тип лезвия ножа Clip Point Plain
Материал рукояти ножа TAN S30V, para-cord.
Вес ножа (г) 86
Твердость клинка (HRC) 58-59
Ножны Kydex Okuden.

Spartan Blades was founded by Curtis Iovito and Mark Carey
with the intent to provide the modern warrior and outdoorsman
with knives that will serve them in a variety of missions and environments.
They have a combined 40 years of military service
and experience to draw upon in the design of their products.
Spartan Blades produces knives that are highly functional
and made from only premium materials.